Boka Restaurant Group


The successful opening of 10 new restaurants during our tenure… and counting.


Considered the most successful and influential restaurant group in Chicago.


BRG founders were awarded “Restauranteurs of the Year” from 2010-2012.


BRG has quadrupled in size since our first project together.


The Results


The client brief

Branding a restaurant is about more than the food — it’s conveying an experience that excites all 5 senses.

Boka Restaurant Group is Chicago’s premier chef-driven restaurant group and has a nationwide reputation for launching some of the most loved and critically acclaimed restaurants anywhere. We’ve been working with them for the past decade to brand these beloved venues and find the individual voice for each, within the BRG family of restaurants.

We partnered with BRG to help launch (the new) Boka, Girl & The Goat, Little Goat Diner, GT Fish & Oyster, Perennial Virant, The J. Parker, Elaine’s, and Momotaro. Every venue has its own requirements, which has allowed us to work on a broad range of collateral, everything from apparel, to digital promotions, to packaging and storefront signage.


The strategy

The launch of any new restaurant begins with working alongside the founders of BRG as well as the Chef and interior designer to understand the vision for the cuisine, the space, the diner experience. We immerse ourselves in the early planning stages to gain perspective on all aspects of the restaurant in order to develop messaging and visuals that speak directly to that vision. We consider factors such as the neighborhood, the culinary culture, the interior atmosphere, and the latest food and beverage trends when crafting everything from the brand voice to the social media strategy.

Our mission with every new BRG restaurant is to establish a unique and extraordinary experience for diners at every touchpoint, from the first impression when visiting a website to the tactile moment of holding a menu. We set out each time to create a brand that parallels the exceptional quality of food and service, and ultimately continue the outstanding level of success with each new restaurant launch.


The execution

Each venue for BRG has its own unique story — a story that’s told through the food, the service, the space, and all of the components that comprise the brand. We carefully crafted each restaurant’s menu system, signage, digital presence, to reflect the comprehensive diner experience.

Boka Restaurant GroupBoka Restaurant GroupBoka Restaurant Group