Post-launch sales increased by double digits.


After the first relaunch in 2011, Giftbar expanded into a total of 9 markets across the US.


The press-worthy design appeared in Elle Magazine, InStyle, People Style Watch, and more.


Giftbar was selected by InStyle as “Best of the Web” in 2013.


The Results


The client brief

An insane new look for the insanely curated giftcard company? We got this. Twice.

Giftbar sells gift cards through their website for fun and interesting shops in your neighborhood. The meticulously-curated list of vendors ensures that buyers always appear hip and in-the-know when it comes to local boutiques, restaurants and services. No stranger to evolution as a growing company, Giftbar brought us on board to develop their brand and digital experience, then again two years later to accommodate their nationwide expansion and elevate the level of luxury.

Giftbar engaged us to redefine the gift card buying experience and grow their customer base. They asked us to perform a service evaluation; offer strategic insights; make recommendations for increased purchasing; create high-level messaging language and tone; create a quick explanation for the process; and visually brand the product and gifting experience. Expected to (re)launch in mid-2015, take a sneak peak at the new look.


The strategy

We designed the brand and revamped the website two times during key phases of growth. The first site redesign occurred as part of a complete rebrand and helped launch Giftbar outside of Chicago. The second launch was to elevate the level of luxury, create a modern approach for expansion to mobile audiences, and to simplify the user experience based on analytics and customer feedback.

At its core, Giftbar is about convenience and curation. The website design and brand experience solves for numerous pain points with traditional gift card giving.


The execution

The second-generation brand identity combines the brand voice we previously created with a more contemporary landscape of visuals and high-end luxury aesthetics.

Gift Bar