L.L.Bean Online


Site visits to
llbean.com in one day
(Cyber Monday, 2013).


Pairs of boots sold – one of L.L.Bean’s most popular items (2013).


We were engaged to boost the ten top-selling products.


Orders on llbean.com surpassed those via catalog.


The Results


The client brief

Elevating the online experience of a long-standing stalwart in the retail industry is no small task.

Founded in 1912, and with annual net sales over $1.61 billion, L.L.Bean has a firm grasp on the retail apparel industry in the U.S. and around the world. But they yearned to acquire a younger audience, a streamlined digital retail environment and a more modern visual approach. That is where the partnership with Grip began and we set out to drive sales and engage a new, younger clientele through the re-imagining of llbean.com.

By building a new homepage, site assets, and relevant storytelling strategies, we found a new vocabulary to express the brand promise and company values in a meaningful way to L.L.Bean customers, current and new. The goal was to capture the imagination of people who love and enjoy the outdoors on all levels, backyard to back-country.


The strategy

It was critical to find the balance between showcasing the history of L.L.Bean and crafting a more contemporary perception for consumers. Narratives were built around the concept of reclaiming the outdoor lifestyle – at any age – and within that framework, we weaved in real-life adventures and strategic promotion of seasonal and activity-based products.

Informed by behaviors of the L.L.Bean catalog shoppers, as well the interactions by customers on the existing site, the aesthetic — and the ensuing shopping experience — became more aspirational in tone, a more emotionally evocative appeal. We structured a shop-by-activity approach, immersing consumers in stories and images that they can relate to and be inspired by.


The execution

We began with a redesigned homepage and corresponding navigation, building a flexible yet robust set of assets for the entire site.

L.L.Bean Online