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1000 Packages has been reprinted in 8 languages.


Grip has authored and designed 2 books on packaging.


Grip has created 2 books in the “1000” series for Rockport Publishers.


The call for entries for 1000 Packages resulted in 1825 submissions.


The Results


The client brief

The authority on design & publishing asked us to author & design a series of books.

Rockport Publishers, founded in 1984 and the esteemed publisher of high-quality, illustrated source books for professional designers and artists, presents the best design work from around the world. We’ve been lucky to work on several books with them, as author, curator, designer — and, of course, reader.

Our published works for Rockport Publishers include: Best Practices for Graphic Designers: An essential guide for implementing effective package design solutions; 1000 Package Designs: A Comprehensive Guide to Packing It In; and 1,000 Food Art & Styling Ideas: Mouthwatering Food Presentations from Chefs, Photographers, and Bloggers from Around the Globe. Each was a unique topic, from presenting the international landscape of packaging, to food photography and finally a collection of advice on packaging from our studio and our global community of friends.


The strategy

Each book creation began with a collaborative brief with our Rockport editor which lead the way for the vision and direction of each volume. Using Rockport Publishers’ experience in the market to identify gaps in the book world, we collectively decided on the format of each book that would drive the type of content, or rather: what we would author, design and curate. Each book was intentionally created to be informative, attract the reader and of course, to sell.


For example, our second book on packaging called Best Practices for Graphic Designers took a more instructional approach. The writing was drawn from our own 15+ years of experience in package design. However, we also included anecdotes, pitfalls, procedures, and hard work by our friends and respected peers from around the world who contributed their own experiences, tips and words of wisdom.


The execution

The books we authored present a wide range of topics, specialties and design work from many industries. They include a landscape of well-curated work that the book cover must sell to a potential buyer. The cover of Best Practices for Graphic Designers employs a cheeky typographic image to carry out the concept of the book, referencing the 3D nature of packaging by illustrating the letterforms as 3D objects.

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