Whole Foods Market


Valentine’s Day campaign increased transaction counts by 5.5% over previous year.


Campaign brought in 43,000 new customers in the midwest region during V-Day week.


Stores in the midwest experienced a $1M increase in sales during the Valentine’s campaign.


Bakery branding was implemented across 12 regions in the US and Europe.


The Results


The client brief

Whole Foods Market came to Grip for a holistic approach to their brand experience.

Whole Foods Market is an international retail leader in the natural and organic foods market with over 300 stores in North America and the United Kingdom. They specialize in high-quality food, sustainable agriculture and strive to create a fun shopping experience.

Two of the campaigns we’ve developed for Whole Foods Market include: an in-store and digital brand campaign that would push Valentine’s Day transactions by 5.5% over the previous year, and a strategic rebrand of their underperforming bakery department from concept visuals, department messaging, to merchandising and service.


The strategy

Although constantly evolving, the general characteristics of the typical Whole Foods Market shopper remain quite steady. Getting to know the motivations, preferences, and buying habits of these shoppers was the driving force behind all the work we’ve created for Whole Foods Market.

For example: we strategically targeted customers who would normally dine out for Valentine’s Day and appealed to the benefits of cooking at home for their loved ones. For a one week period leading up to 2/14, our campaign combined digital, social and real world tie-ins all relating back to key holiday products.


The execution

New brand assets for Whole Foods Market needed to align visually and philosophically with their core customers. They pay a premium for higher quality, better tasting and sustainably-grown food. Our Valentine’s Day campaign focused on the benefits of cooking and eating at home using local ingredients, thereby avoiding the hectic and expensive process of dining out. The Valentine’s At Home campaign prompted customers to relish the idea of creating a special, homemade meal for their loved ones.

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