February 24 2015

Rethinking the agency model.

For almost 20 years, Grip has practiced a dedicated approach to evolving how we work. In fact, our primary requirement for employment is to possess the skill to learn new skills. When put in historical context, fifteen years ago the general population was wary of entering a credit card number on an e-commerce site. Seven years ago people thought social media was only for telling your friends what kind of mood you were in, and five years from now, most of what we have come to believe as truth will likely have undergone a massive and unexpected evolution.

So how do you navigate sea change? We believe success occurs by dropping the notion of a “golden lever” and instead looking to blend multi-disciplinary research and executions into something far greater than the sum of its parts. Some of our greatest achievements have occurred when we combine unlikely elements.

The notion of nothing is off-limits extends far beyond online and into experience, package ideation, messaging and much more. Our clients often receive large decks of strategic content with rapidly prototyped executions. From this very exciting, anything-is-possible approach we pragmatically determine the most effective course based on budget and projected returns.

It would be a lie to say that any of the above is easy. Our success has hinged on our ability to recruit the top talent from all over the nation. With two extremely popular books available and an active lecture schedule, we constantly seek out the best and brightest. This means that our office culture has to be more enticing than a massage table in the worlds finest restaurant. We come close. Working here means access to some of the finest restaurants in town, a personal trainer and extraordinary benefits. Why do this? Because happy people create better, more effective campaigns. In any media. It also means to our clients that the destination will be everything you could imagine, but the ride will be like nothing you thought possible.