Hoang Truong


With a focus in branding, motion graphics and illustration, Hoang is highly skilled at adding life to his designs through movement. In constant pursuit of the beautifully interesting and always smart, he is driven by strategy, creativity and above all else finding ways to positively influence his community through design.

A graduate of the University of Oklahoma, Hoang has spent his pre-Grip time developing business-forward solutions with Fortune 500 companies like IBM and Harley Davidson. When he isn’t designing, find him crushing it on the tennis court, drawing letters, watching horrifying movies or abusing the selfie filters on Snapchat.

  • My weirdest family tradition is

    All You Can Eat Buffet @ China King

  • I have a phobia of

    looking into a mirror in the dark

  • If I was an animal I would be

    a shiba inu, named Cleetus

  • My strangest childhood hobby was

    making sculptures out of AirHeads™

  • Something you do not know about me is

    my American name was Zac for a hot second