Joshua Blaylock

Joshua Blaylock

creative director

As Creative Director, Josh brings expertise, perspective, and motivation. His tenure at Grip has lead to the incorporation of more extensive services, consistently acting as a catalyst for propelling Grip forward.

Through both mentorship and inspiration, Josh expertly directs the creative team, and oversees all aspects of the work produced. A bridge between different segments of the office, he facilitates collaboration and dialog with a deft hand. Adaptive and motivated, Josh understands the unique leadership different individuals require to perform cohesively in a fast-paced, creative environment.

Josh’s passion lies in finding meaningful solutions, investigating the most intelligent way to solve problems both strategically and visually, finding clarity out of ambiguity, and the execution of creative problem solving.

Josh’s extensive background includes work with L.L.Bean, Comcast and DePaul University. His love for the collaborative nature of design stems from all components of a project coming together, both internally and with the client. Josh is a graduate of Savannah College of Art & Design.

  • I’m good at

    being good at everything

  • I can’t believe

    it’s not butter

  • my spirit animal is

    a chimpanzee

  • i’m afraid of

    being boring

  • my hero is

    Peter Griffin

  • you would never guess i

    had all silver teeth as a child

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