Kelly Kaminski

Kelly Kaminski


Kelly is a co-founder and principal of Grip. As the director of Grip’s Vienna office, her experience leverages cultural and creative inspiration from an international perspective. Understanding this broader marketplace informs the strategy Grip sets forth as well as the work that is produced, particularly for clients establishing a global brand presence.

Excelling at both tactical and creative strategy, Kelly is engaged in managing the dichotomy of design and business at Grip. She provides a vast understanding of how businesses can work effectively and thrive under pressure. Kelly believes that transparency and empathy lead to richer relationships with clients and has consequently built long-lasting client connections that have resulted in meaningful, rewarding work.

Her previous experience at an economic think-tank allowed Kelly to develop an important understanding of business-minded perspectives, which would later serve her well as CFO of Grip. Kelly is a graduate of the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana and was a teaching-artist for design and illustration at Marwen for many years. She was a founding board member for two non-profit organizations focused on the power of design for social good, Project:Philanthropy and EPIC.

  • My favorite family tradition is

    summer camping

  • I’m most afraid of

    running out of coffee

  • Worst hair style

    Charlie’s Angel flip-back mullet

  • Trend I wish to come back

    a winning record for the Cubs

  • As a kid I was always in trouble for


  • My favorite scene in any movie is

    the slow-clap

  • My friends describe me as

    their friend

  • My first concert was

    Depeche Mode

Tennis BallKelly likes well-balmed lips
Deck of CardsKelly went to U of INail Polish
Kelly lives abroadKelly likes to collect and read used booksKelly likes scarves