Lauren Barganz

Project Coordinator

Coming from a PR and social media agency as an account executive, Lauren is a friend of the nitty gritty. An expert in communication and progress, she is organized, up-to-date and knowledgeable about each and every project that comes through the office. Detailed, designed, and accepting of nothing but the best, Lauren keeps our team and clients on track to see goals through to the very end.

A graduate in Fashion Merchandising from Fontbonne University in St. Louis and experience in the industry, Lauren isn’t only well-equipped for the job, she is full of potential. This zealous Springfield, IL native is a taco fanatic and has a history of patio dwelling. That’s the kind of attitude (and food) we like to see around here.

  • If I could learn any skill, it would be

    hand-eye coordination

  • My biggest pet peeve

    mouth breathers and audible yawners

  • My movie rating would be

    PG-13, Parents strongly cautioned

  • I have a phobia of

    oxford commas — thanks, Vampire Weekend!

  • Worst date I’ve been on was when

    I threw up. Win some, ya lose some. (For the record he called me back.)