Lonnie Tapia

director of accounts

A well-rounded strategist, Lonnie excels at understanding client needs and managing teams and projects with profoundly successful outcomes. With a background in design, he serves as a conduit between client and studio, ensuring the needs of the client are understood and translated into effective, compelling solutions. Lonnie strategically positions companies and services maximized for profit and growth by helping clients to determine critical next steps in building their brand.

Lonnie maintains the creative and inspiring working environment at Grip through the day-to-day studio management with Grip’s creative director and precise communication between the client and project team. Never losing sight of the client’s objective, Lonnie provides exceptional service, strategic insight, and contagious optimism along the way.

With experience working with clients such as AOL, Whole Foods Market and L.L.Bean, Lonnie provides expertise from both spectrums of the business and creative field, taking a holistic approach with every assignment.

  • My first job was

    a fruit salesman at Joe’s Watermelon Shack

  • My last purchase was

    gummy bears and a pre-workout shake

  • The last thing I ate was

    my feelings

  • My movie rating is

    “e” for everybody

  • I am a master at cooking

    up a good cover story; also fajitas

  • My first pet was

    named fluffy, he was a long-haired cat

  • I was named after

    Jesus (ask me about my middle name)

  • My worst date was

    seeing Species at the theatre

  • My favorite date was

    a romantic getaway to Budapest

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