Mary Melvin

Mary Melvin

Account Manager

As the power supply to the creative machine that is Grip, Mary is eager to cross the T’s and dots the I’s to ensure our clients’ needs are met. Equally upbeat and detail-oriented, Mary knows how to get projects off the ground and keep them running. Never ceasing to amaze by knowing the in’s and out’s of each account from clients’ likes and dislikes in design to their favorite lunch spot, she provides insight and value to the full client experience.

A native Chicagoan, Mary is an exercise enthusiast, proficient in Spanish, and cooks up delicious meals on the daily. To top it all off, she has a serious knack for interior design. Mary is a graduate of CBU in Riverside, California.

  • My hidden talent is

    detangling knots

  • Best gift I’ve
    received is

    a wine club membership — the gift that keeps on giving

  • Pancakes or waffles?

    french toast, please!

  • My hero is

    Mary Poppins

  • I can’t function without

    coffee, coffee, coffee

  • My favorite summer activity is

    beach bumming around Wellfleet

Mary is an avid reader, digitallyMary likes jewelry and girly thingsMary likes to work on her fitness
Mary likes the finer things in lifeMary is a crafty ladyMary doesn't like the sun in her eyesMary likes to caffeinate on-the-go
Mary was a camp counselorMary likes her some gummi bearsMary has hair