Megan Carty

Megan Carty


Megan speaks all things design. From her interest in typography to a passion for all things print, this wonderfully well-rounded designer is motivated and equally as talented. Her experience working with a wide variety of clients has concocted a design monster. With a business mind as sharp as her design skills, she has proven that she is able to grow into any situation with grace and ease.

Originally moving from Michigan to pursue a degree from Columbia College in graphic design, Megan joins us after working with some of the top agencies in Chicago. This equal parts art director and designer has a mild obsession with Taco Bell, cotton candy sunsets, and home reno shows. Did we mention she even started her own candle company?

  • I am most afraid of

    standing out too much but not standing out at all

  • My strangest childhood hobby was

    eating dog treats

  • You would never guess I used to

    despise cats #proudcatlady

  • My biggest pet peeve

    open closet doors and slow walkers

  • The top thing on my bucket list is

    getting back into dancing