Ryn Manby

Project Coordinator

Success lies in the details and as a project coordinator of Grip, Ryn is all about the details. She keeps us organized, up-to-date and knowledgeable about each and every project that comes through the office. A friend of the nitty gritty, she accepts nothing but the best — keeping the team and our clients on track to see through goals to the very end. Her knack for creative and thoughtful thinking adds perspective and versatility.

A graduate of Wheaton College with her own photography company on the side, Ryn brings many hidden talents to our office. Master of lip syncing, eater of Antique Taco and pretend Revolutionary War heroin, you can find this lady biking along LSD or breaking it down on the street like Beyoncé.

  • If I could learn any skill, it would be

    to spontaneously rap any song

  • Worst gift I’ve received

    my dad’s eyebrows

  • The top thing on my bucket list is

    to visit Ireland
    (not because I have red hair)

  • The trend/fad I wish would come back is

    Tomagotchi Pets

  • Something you do not know about me is

    my full name is Lauryn