vahagn, v

Vahagn Azaryan


Vahagn has a strong background in traditional design. His interest in design that lives quietly and unassumingly in everyday life drives his personal aesthetic, while carrying through wonderfully into his work with clients. Vahagn understands attention to detail is an important part of the process, always thoughtfully exploring the effect of every design element.

Originally from Armenia, Vahagn pursued his love for design at Oregon State University, moving to Chicago to start a career at some of Chicago’s top agencies. He is a proud father of two golden retrievers and is a connoisseur of movies and tv. You can call him V, we call him awesome.

  • My friends call me


  • If I could learn any skill, it would be

    punctual meditation

  • As a kid, I always got in trouble for

    eating dry milk powder out of the jar

  • My movie rating would be

    8.4 — high-brow and artsy, but approachable

  • I was named after

    the Armenian pagan god of fire and war